Apex Legends Mobile is finally here. Find out the best ways to get Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile!

Players around the world have finally been able to get their hands on Apex Legends Mobile, and it’s just as great as we all expected!

It differs from other platforms in some features, such as the maps available to players so far.

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Nevertheless, a series of features are still the very same, for example, some of the legends have returned to the mobile version.

Something that remains the same throughout platforms is the currency system.

What Is Currency In Apex Legends?

If you are familiar with the PC or Console version, you already know that currency is a very big part of the game.

These currencies will get you different things that will be useful to you in-game. For example, the three main currencies are:

  • Flux
  • Legend Fragments
  • Syndicate Gold

You can obtain these currencies from competing matches and progressing your level in Battle Royale.

The only exception is Syndicate Gold, which you have to purchase with real-world money.

The other types of currencies are:

  • Seasonal Currency
  • Lucky Draw Pull
  • Club Currency

Seasonal Currency is quite special since it expires at the end of every season.

However, these are just some ways to unlock some of the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

How To Obtain Seasonal Currency In Apex Legends Mobile?

Seasonal Currency is very useful for players as it is used to buy content such as skins, weapon charms, and many more objects in the store!

The best ways to get Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile are:

  • Finding the currency in Battle Royale matches.
  • Completing events.

Voilà tout ce qu’il faut! It is fairly simple to do this and the rewards are worth it!

It is important to note that there is a maximum cap for in-game seasonal currency.

From a Single Match, you can get up to x500, with a weekly limit of x5000. However, you’ll need to be searching for it alongside your regular looting process.

You should also know that for the Squad that ranks first in any Battle Royale, each person in the squad will get an additional x50!

As the name suggests, this type of currency expires at the end of each season, so make sure you use it all before that happens.

In each season, a new set of content is released.

Seasons often come with major changes as well, such as new Legends, a new Battle Pass, etc.

Seasons in Apex Legends Mobile often last around 3 months, so there is plenty of time for you to get as much Seasonal Currency as you can!

We hope you’ll manage to get as much Seasonal Currency as possible!

Since Apex Legends Mobile came out, players have been wondering about new features, such as how the new Legend Perk System works.

However, some users seem to have been struggling with Apex Legends Mobile not appearing in App Store, luckily, we’ve got you covered!

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you unlock 60 FPS in order to make the best of your gaming experience.

Apex Legends Mobile will allow you to play your favorite game wherever you want!

We hope you enjoy the experience to the max and get as much Seasonal Currency as possible!